Choices Hack: Stories You Play Cheats to Get Free Diamonds & Keys in 2020

choices cheats

Choices Stories You Play Cheats

In this post, you will learn how to use choices hack to get yourself unlimited free diamonds in the game. These choices cheats are 100% working for you to have free keys in choices stories you play game.

But before we move on to the solution, let’s take a short look on choices stories you play game and on the game currencies:

Choices stories you play is the interactive story game by Pixelberry Studios. The game is known as the amalgamation of different kind of stories like romance, fantasy, crime, horror, adventure etc.

The game is succeeded in keeping the players engaged for a longer time. The game will be more enjoyable if you know some of the exclusive choices hack and cheats.

If you want to play the game without getting bored, then cheats for choices app to get free diamonds and keys will help you to make your gaming experience better.

Diamonds are the primary currency of the game. They needed for purchasing the exclusive items in the game. They even required for making some of the important decisions while playing the game.

Keys are the important currency whenever you want to start the new chapter of any story. The game will give you 2 keys by default whenever you begin the game for the first time. Hence you should know how to get more keys on choices game to keep playing without any disturbance.

While playing the game, remember that one choice can change the whole story you are playing. Hence choices cheats are essential to make your game joyful.

Now the question is, how to get unlimited diamonds and keys in choices game? Can we really get free diamonds and keys instantly? Well, the answer is Yes!

Choices Stories You Play Hack Cheats: Generate Unlimited Diamonds and Keys

We can do this by using the ultimate choices free diamonds generator. It is nothing but a simple online tool that will help you inject free diamonds in your choices stories you play game. Here is how it works:

You can find this tool on this page above.

Follow the steps given below to get your first batch of free diamonds and keys right now:

  1. Tap on the Get Started Now button you see above.
  2. It will lead you to the original choices free diamonds generator.
  3. There, put your game name and number of resources you need in the game. (No Personal Information)
  4. Now tap on the generate button and wait for the process to end. If it ends automatically without asking any human verification, then fine. If it asks for human verification, then do it.
  5. Lastly, if you are in the game, get out from the game and restart it again. You should see your generated resources in couple of minutes from now.

Here is how this choices hack works for free to get unlimited diamonds and keys. If you still face any issue or its not working for you, then we also have some of the long term but useful ways to earn free diamonds and keys in the game.

Here we are giving you some of the legit choices stories you play hack and cheats to help you to make your game better.

List of Choices Hack and Cheats to Get Free Diamonds and Keys

1. Complete the Chapters

Finishing the chapter is one of the best choices cheats to get free diamonds in the game. Select the story you want to play and focus on finishing the chapters of that story to grab the diamonds. You have to make some decisions to take your story ahead and finish it. One choice can change the whole direction of the story.

Once you finish the chapter of any story, you will be rewarded with 2 diamonds as a reward, and then the game prompts to watch the ad to get one more additional diamond. That means completing each chapter will reward you with 3 diamonds.

2. Switch Between the Stories

Switching between the stories is next in the list of choices stories you play cheats. You can find the different stories on the home page of the game.

Switch between the different stories to earn more diamonds that is also without spending key. Yes, you heard it right!

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Keys are necessary to start the chapter of any story you chose to play, but only the first chapter of every story is the exception for it.

You can play the first chapter of every story for free and earn 2 diamonds at the end of every chapter. Hence switching between the stories will definitely help you to get some extra diamonds to enhance your gaming.

3. Watch Advertisements

Watching advertisements is one of the best choices free diamonds hack. You can earn up to 5 diamonds in a day by just watching commercials.

The game allows you to watch 3 ads as a daily log in gift. You can find this gift icon on the bottom left side of the game screen. Tap on this image, and you can see the four ads that you can unlock one-by-one.

There are total of four gifts that will give you five diamonds. Out of these four gifts first one you will get without watching an advertisement and the rest of the rewards will be unlocked by watching a video. Last one advertisement will give you 2 diamonds.

These gifts will be refreshed after every 22 hours. So you can claim them once in a day. But remember that you have to link your game to Facebook for claiming these gifts.

Watching ads may consume your time and data both, but there are very fewer ways through which you can get the free diamonds in the game and claiming this advertisement reward is one of them. Hence make sure you will use this choices app hack for collecting diamonds.

4. Keep Waiting for Keys

Keys are the second most important currency after diamonds that helps you to play the game without any interruption.

But, getting keys is not that easy. Waiting for them to restore is the only legal choices hack that helps you in the gameplay.

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You will get the 2 soft keys as a beginner of the game, but once you use these keys, then you have to wait for 3 long hours for getting a single key.

First chapter of any story doesn’t require the key, but if you want to play the next chapter of the same story, then you have to spend the key to start the second chapter.

5. Take Advantage Of Game Shop

Game shop is the fantastic place where you find the epic deals for purchasing the keys and diamonds. The developers of the game always design the different discount offers for the players on the purchase of the resources.

Make sure you will keep an eye on such discount offers because this choices hack will help you to get the maximum resources in minimum spending.

Ending Note

Legal Choices stories you play hack and cheats are the only way to play the game. Hence always focus on making your game more joyful instead of focusing on illegal ways like generator and mod apk.

Do you know any other choices hack that help to grab the diamonds? If yes the let us know through your comments in the below comment box. We will definitely add in our list of hacks and cheats for choices stories your play.

Stay Tuned for more details. Till then Keep Smiling!